International Medicine Institute Mission

Mission Statement
The mission of the International Medicine Institute (IMI) is to promote the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine internationally as the global leader in the delivery of quality healthcare services, education and training of healthcare professionals, and premiere research center for the advancement of medicine and technology.

The International Medicine Institute (IMI) at UHealth (the University of Miami Health System at the Miller School of Medicine) has a broad scope. We’re committed to compassionate, customized patient care. We provide superior educational programs for top physicians and medical students from around the world, and we conduct groundbreaking research throughout the world, which is revolutionizing medicine in Latin America.

We also have an ambitious mission: to expand the institute’s impact on healthcare, education and research on a global scale.

What does all this look like in practice? Through the IMI’s gateway to patient care, UHealth International (UHI), we have and continue to deliver life-saving treatment to patients who visit us from all corners of the world. We have empowered physicians and medical students from around the our hemisphere and around the globe through the William J. Harrington Medical Training Programs for Latin America and the Caribbean and our Global Observership Program, and our research has unlocked unprecedented progress in cardiology and other specialties.

Driving our broad scope and ambitious mission are some of our core principles. We believe healthcare can and must be accessible, innovative and patient-centric. We also believe in transferring knowledge through educational programs that build healthcare capacity globally and support the development of healthcare and academic institutions abroad.

The International Medicine Institute is currently celebrating 10 years of living up to these principles. And in the years ahead, we’ll continue to revolutionize healthcare by putting these principles first.

We invite you — patients, physicians, students and donors — to join our international community and benefit from our cutting-edge programs and services at UHealth at the Miller School of Medicine.

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